LOVEtoTravel provides a range of high-value-added services for clients seeking the benefit of a personal consultant with absolute confidentiality while on private or work-related trips. We offer drivers and high-profile cars or luxury vehicles, be they sporty, elegant, or off-road.

Holiday packages in private villas or luxury hotels in some of the most prestigious parts of Europe, Northern America and the Middle East can be paired with private jet or helicopter rentals to move about freely and spontaneously.

For those who love yachts, we have relationships with the most reliable shipyards and charter companies in the market. Personal guides and professional translators round out our services, perfect for those looking for the highest level of service possible.

If you would like to receive more detailed information, a package tailored to your specific needs, or if you wish to speak to our VIP specialist, please request a quote: we’ll be delighted to get back to you quickly and efficiently.

Tailored Itineraries & Authentic Experiences


Our expert Travel Designers handcraft each trip itinerary, using only the most up-to-date, local information.

These local insiders know all the tips, tricks and best recommendations. We can turn any trip you can imagine into an unforgettable vacation, with tailor-made plans crafted just for your clients.

The people make the place and thus we want you to meet local people who live in the area.

Our chefs, butlers, security, and guides are local people, sharing the stories of our culture and mythology with the guests, introducing them to our way of life, and our true respect for nature

Unforgettable Family Vacations


Your family, and especially valuable time with your loved ones, is priceless and the most important thing in the world. Breathtaking experiences shared with the family, spectacular nature, fantastic and extraordinary lodges and accommodations, as well as shared moments make your luxurious family trip unforgettable!

Home of Santa Claus, dog sledges, reindeer and the spectacular Northern Lights – travel with your children to the winter wonderland of the north. Also a dream destination in summer: kayaking, fishing, hiking or would you prefer to watch brown bears?

Whether with the entire family with children, travelling alone with children or on a multi-generation trip – it should be an entire “your” trip.

Unique Accommodation


Escape the day, relax into the evening and sleep peacefully in one of the world’s finest hotels or in our selection of outstanding spacious villas.

With a wide variety of prestigious venues carefully chosen, we are pleased to offer you the latest luxury properties as well as the finest boutique, modern, classic hotels and Villas, always with the most competitive rates.

Augment your experience with our large range of personal services, including personal chefs, butlers & cleaners, wellness or fitness experiences and more, ensuring pure relaxation.

Transfers and Charter flights


LOVEtoTravel is experienced in arranging inter-city transfers, sightseeing tours, ski transfers from airports to hotels and even transfers directly onto super-yachts.

Helicopter Charter
Business and leisure travel, as well as tours and experiences, can be made efficient and seamless with a helicopter charter. Fast and reliable, they also have the ability to drop you in unique landing spots.

Car Transfers
Relax in the knowledge that you’ll reach your flight and your final destination smoothly and efficiently. Our professional and trustworthy drivers will ensure that you arrive where you need to be right on time!

Meet & Greet and Porter
Arrive at the airport or train station with ease and relaxation using our VIP Meet & Greet and Porter services.

Yachts and Boats


Choose your date and port of departure, the type of vessel you prefer and our yacht charter team will take care of the rest.

Embark into the world of yacht chartering. The glamour, comfort and freedom that a yacht can provide are unsurpassed.

We are happy to accommodate any requests for further along the Mediterranean coast and Baltic Sea and as well as day rentals and sunset cruises.

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